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The Impact of Green Technology on Space Economy

COCOA, FL, August 2, 2022 (EIN) – Vaya Space, Inc., the vortex-hybrid engine rocket company and emerging leader in sustainable space access, announced that Chief Executive Officer Brent David Willis has been invited to speak at the International Space Convention (ISC) September 9-11 in Bursa, Turkey.

Willis will present “Disrupting the Economics and Competitive Landscape of Space - Financial and Environmental Impact of Emerging New Green Technologies.” In addition, he will participate in the panel discussion “Innovation and Commercialization in Space.” Vaya Space developed a sustainable and green vortex-hybrid rocket engine that is expected to revolutionize the commercial space sector and has recently entered into contracts with NASA and with a number of major satellite and satellite constellation companies.

The International Space Convention will feature world-renowned space experts, scientists, and industry leaders on the topics of Earth and Deep Space Observation, SatCom and Data Analysis, Human Space Missions, Space Law and Regulations, Commercial Space Travel, Financial Outlook of the Space Industry, and Funding Opportunities for Emerging Space Start-Ups.

Purchase your tickets to attend in-person or online here.


Vaya Space is a privately-owned, vortex-hybrid rocket company based on the Space Coast of Florida with subsidiary operations in Brazil. Vaya Space has developed breakthrough and patented technologies that transform access to space. Vaya was created in 2017 by Sid Gutierrez, former Space Shuttle Commander and NASA’s first US-born Hispanic astronaut. Launch Control’s final words to Sid at liftoff were “Vaya con Dios” vs. their traditional “Godspeed,” and following this inspiration Vaya was born.

Vaya’s unique vortex-hybrid rocket engines utilize the equivalent of two million recycled plastic bottles with each launch, generate lower greenhouse emissions with zero black carbon/soot, and overcome issues associated with traditional liquid bi-propellant and solid rockets to transform the affordability, safety, and sustainability of space access.

For investment inquiries please contact:

Vaya Space Investor Relations Kevin Lowdermilk +1 703 346-6826

For press inquiries please contact:

Vaya Space Media Relations Mary Baldino +1 321 270-1478


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