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Ward  Schraeder

Vaya Space Board Member


On behalf of the Vaya Space Board of Directors, Leadership team, and all of the associates and teammates at Vaya, we want to commend Ward Schraeder on his remarkable contributions to the company since joining in 2017 as a Board Director and more.

Ward has gone above and beyond in supporting the Vaya Space organization and cause to transform space.  He has brought his vast business understanding and experience, challenging of the status quo mindset, and personal bias for action to make a tremendous difference for the Company.  None of his above and beyond contributions were things he had to do.  He chose to do them because of his unwavering commitment to the Company, the opportunity to transform a sector, and the dedication to drive tremendous shareholder wealth in the process.


He embodies the character, values and ethos that makes Vaya Space special and unique, and serves as an example for all in the company to venerate and emulate. 



Ward Schraeder started his career by taking a BS in Chemistry from Ft Hays Kansas State University in 1974. Subsequently working for Union Carbide’s  Linde Division for 9 years. Upon leaving Union Carbide Ward started his entrepreneurial career through bankruptcy acquisition and turn arounds. Over 10 years Ward completed 35 acquisitions in a wide variety of industries from food distribution to engine remanufacturing and a 2700 head Hereford dairy operation. The bankruptcy operations ranged from revenues of a $1MM to $50MM and  eventually morphed into the medical development, ownership, and a management operation that encompassed the development of 35 medical projects.


Currently Ward is involved and serves on the boards of a 950 employee, $135MM revenue hospital in Kearney, Ne, a 225 employee, $45MM revenue hospital in Manhattan, Kansas, a 205 employee, $35MM revenue hospital in Salina, Kansas and recently served on the board of Bank VI in Salina, Kansas until its sale in late 2017. In all of these enterprises, Ward’s  "Schraeder Family Partnership, LP"  had or continues to have a significant % of ownership.


Ward’s venture capital group has also diversified into the franchise business by developing a relationship with a fast food hamburger franchisor named Freddie’s. This VC group currently owns and operates 65 locations from Arizona to Georgia and is expanding at a rate of 5 or more locations per year. Ward serves on the board of the Freddies franchises and provides consultant and financial services as are required.   

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