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General Robert 'Abe' Abrams Joins Vaya Space as Senior Board and Company Advisor

Brings more than 30 years of global defense industry experience to support the burgeoning Defense applications of Vaya's technologies

Vaya Space, Inc., the green Space and Defense company and emerging leader in performance, cost and sustainability, today announced that General Robert "Abe" Abrams, USA, (Ret.) has joined Vaya Space as a senior advisor to the Board and Company to help bring Vaya Space's new technologies to the rapidly evolving Space and Defense landscape.

Gen. Abrams, is a retired United States Army four-star general who last served as the commander of United States Forces in Korea. He concurrently served as the commander of United Nations Command and commander of R.O.K.-U.S. Combined Forces Command. He previously served as the 22nd commanding general of United States Army Forces Command, the largest command in the US Army with more than 750,000 soldiers under his leadership.

Vaya Space is a new entrant to both the Space and Defense sectors, and using patented technologies has completed more than 100 successful test fires and its first successful suborbital launch. Vaya's technologies enable performance, cost, safety, and reliability breakthroughs that can disrupt both the Space launch and Defense strategic and tactical missile markets. Amongst other transformations, Vaya's missile engine technologies enable variable trajectory and signature, rapid deployment, and insensitivity for storability and supply chain security. Vaya expects to deliver tactical payloads at ranges exceeding 1,000 miles with precision accuracy, and do so at a substantially lower cost.

Gen. Abrams commented, "I am very selective in what I do in my post active duty life and who I do it with. The principal reason I decided to support Vaya was because I became convinced that their technologies coupled with their excellent leadership team can make a tremendous difference for our country. Implementation of their technologies has the potential to bring a completely new and much needed capability for strategic and tactical missiles which can provide our forces decisive overmatch now and well into the future."

Vaya's engine fuel grains are made from >99% recycled thermoplastics and eliminate approximately 20 metric tons of plastics from the earth per launch, converting into water vapor and CO2 as their rockets ascend into space. Over the past six months Vaya has been recognized by the White House for its leadership with its apprenticeship program, was recognized for its sustainability leadership by the Green Organisation at the House of Parliament in London, and has earned more than $100 million in commitments from satellite customers.

Sid Gutierrez, Chairman of the Board of Vaya, former Space Shuttle Commander and the first US-born Hispanic Astronaut commented, "My passion for a safer and better way to Space was the genesis of Vaya. We believe we have achieved this objective, and in our quest we have also developed breakthroughs for multiple Defense applications. Partnering with Gen. Abrams will bring awareness within the Defense community of Vaya's new capabilities, and accelerate the process of strengthening the warfighting abilities of our forces."

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About Vaya Space, Inc.

Vaya Space is a green Space and Defense company based on the Space Coast of Florida. Vaya has developed breakthrough and now patented technologies that transform the performance and cost of rockets for access to Space, and missiles for Defense applications. Vaya gained momentum in 2017 when Sid Gutierrez, former Space Shuttle Commander and NASA's first US-born Hispanic astronaut became Chairman of the Board. Launch Control's final words to Sid at liftoff were "Vaya con Dios" and following this inspiration Vaya Space was born.

Vaya is a purpose driven, sustainability focused, and environmentally conscious enterprise dedicated to making a difference for our country and for humankind. Vaya Space competes in the small satellite launch and military munitions sectors. Vaya's unique and patented rocket engines overcome the costs and other issues associated with traditional legacy rocket and missile technologies to transform the performance, safety and affordability of the industry, and its engines utilize more than 20 metric tons of recycled thermoplastics per launch.

For financial or other inquiries please contact:

Kevin Lowdermilk Chief Financial Officer +1 703 346-6826

Mary Baldino Director of Marketing +1 321 270-1478


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