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Making a difference for humankind.

Vaya is a purpose-driven, sustainability focused, and environmentally conscious enterprise dedicated to making a difference for humankind. 


Vaya's unique vortex-hybrid rockets utilizes up to more than 7.8 metric tons per launch and overcome the costs and other issues associated with traditional liquid bi-propellant rockets to transform the safety and affordability of the industry.



At T-2 minutes during the STS-59 count, the last call to the crew from the orbiter test conductor was:

“Endeavour, close and lock your visors, initiate O2 flow, and ‘Vaya con Dios!’

-Aerospace America


Vaya Space was created in 2017 by Sid Gutierrez, former Space Shuttle Commander and NASA’s first US-born Hispanic astronaut.   He was the pilot on STS-40 and Commander of STS-59. 


Although it was highly discouraged to use faith-based statements and not use English, the determined language of Mission Control, after prior coordination with the Commander, rules were broken with a single three-word phrase. 


The last words spoken by the Launch Director Bob Sieck to the Crew of the Endeavour before liftoff were “Vaya con Dios” which is a common Hispanic farewell.  It translates to “God be with you as you go.” 

Vaya exists to revolutionize space and make a difference for humankind, reducing plastics on our planet, by taking them off our planet.


Meet the Vaya Space Team that is revolutionizing space and is making a difference for humankind.


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