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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

At T-2 minutes during the STS-59 count, the last call to the crew from the orbiter test conductor was: “Endeavour, close and lock your visors, initiate O2 flow, and ‘Vaya con Dios!’ -Aerospace America


When it comes down to it, you could say that we're a bunch of dreamers, goal makers, and rebels. ​ Our group of leadership, engineers, and creatives came from our prior company as a whole, which was based on research and development. We were trying to change the path, the pace, and technology- all on a meager budget. A lot of companies make money by making promises. We wanted the results first- and we got them. ​

You don't get that kind of dedication unless you have the remarkable leadership that we have. ​ We're led by a Space Operations Expert, an International Aerospace Leader, a ground-breaking trader, a well-respected venture capitalist, and a highly-renowned technology manufacturer, and an astronaut. And not just any astronaut. Sid Gutierrez - a man that made remarkable strides not only in his missions and career, but in his life. He was the Commander of STS-59 and the first Hispanic of any nation to command any space mission.

In celebration, the last words spoken to the crew of the Endeavour before liftoff were, “Vaya con Dios” which is a common Hispanic farewell. It translates to “God be with you as you go.” ​

Transitioning to the Vaya Space brand signifies our progress from research & development to operations phase. So, here we are. Vaya is based on research. Based on fact. Based on innovation. And most importantly, based on our team's unwavering dedication to creating something remarkable that would bring change to the world unlike any other company has done before. ​When there's a will, there's a way!

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