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PODCAST: In-Space Computing Alliance

Chad Ives, C8 Secure Sales Director, Kevin Lowdermilk, CFO at Vaya Space, and Richard Ward,CTO of OrbitsEdge, Inc., discuss their alliance and the need for safety in space computing.

Just as computers have become a mainstay and a vital tool on earth,they carrythe same

significance in space. PerNASA, computers and the concept of computing in space is used for a

variety of factors in relation to the function of spacecraft and navigation. So naturally, the concerns

that everyday people and companies worry about with their day-to-day computers also extend to

computers in space as well, which is why data security has increasingly becomea growing element.

Why is computing safety in space important? And what are some innovative ways and ideas that are

being implemented to prevent the spread of harmful malware or other dangerous software?

On an episode of the Vaya Space podcast, hostMichelle Dawn Mooneyinterviewed Chad Ives,

the Sales Director at C8 Secure, Kevin Lowdermilk, the CFO at Vaya Space, andRichard Ward, the

CTO of OrbitsEdge,Inc., for a discussion about their in-space computing allianceand securing safe

computing for use outside of earth.

Mooney, Ives, Lowdermilk, and Ward also discussed ...

1.The need for computing safety in space

2.The role each of them contribute at their respective companies

3.Importance of partnerships that benefit companies and the purpose of the alliance

“Putting together this alliance is not just about imitating what we do on the ground. What we really

want to find out is how it might differ in space. So, what does it looklike and how does it differ—and

the only way we can do that is by partnering with people like Vaya Space, like OrbitsEdge, to do

things that test like it's in the space,” said Ives.

Chad Ives is the Sales Director at C8Secure andhas close to two decades of experience in cloud

and technology services.KevinLowdermilkis the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Vaya Space and

has 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. He previously held the CFO role at Exostar

LLC.Richard Ward is the founder andChief Technology Officer (CTO) of OrbitsEdge,Inc., which he

has been for close to four years now. He leads the development of computing hardware and

software for earth and space.

Author: Alexandra Simon


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