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Vaya Space Expands Operations in Cocoa

The City of Cocoa Economic Development team recently worked with local breakthrough technology space company Vaya Space to find new offices in the City of Cocoa that will allow for continued growth.

Vaya Space, a pioneer of highly innovative vortex-hybrid rocket propulsion systems and small satellite launch services had their main offices in Cocoa Village and a small assembly and testing facility in the industrial portion of the Cocoa community. Now the company, whose mission is to use vortex-hybrid rocket solutions to redefine the cost, performance, and safety of space access, was able to satisfy their need for expansion while remaining within the City of Cocoa, relocating to the Grissom Industrial and Business District. This move consolidates company operations and allows for continued growth.

“The City of Cocoa has been remarkably supportive of Vaya Space and its growth. We are very pleased to have found our new facility within the City after outgrowing our smaller offices in the Village. Cocoa is a beautiful and thriving place, filled with some of the best and brightest around. We are proud to be a part of this vibrant community. We have found a beautiful home full of opportunity in Cocoa, and we look forward to continuing to grow, innovate, employ, and invest in Cocoa,” said Vaya Space CEO, Brent Willis.

At the new larger location, Vaya will be able to go from engineering and design to assembly and production all from the same facility. Vaya also plans to incorporate other local Cocoa businesses in their new offices by utilizing some of the small businesses their employees came to love in Cocoa Village and having them supply food and products at their new offices. Businesses like Ossorio and the General Store will provide products for employees at the new larger office space.

“Enhancing efforts to make the City of Cocoa a thriving and competitive economic driver along the Space Coast is a strategic focus for Cocoa that will lead to an enhanced quality of life in our community. Prioritizing growing companies like Vaya Space is a crucial component to those efforts and we are excited to see companies continue to grow and succeed in the Cocoa community,” said Michael C. Blake, Mayor of the City of Cocoa.


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