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Vaya Space Recognized for Support of Global STEM Education

Vortex-hybrid Engine Rocket Company Awarded for its Commitment to Supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Programs

Vaya Space, the emerging leader in sustainable space access, was recently recognized by the Michaelis Foundation for Global Education. for Vaya’s contributions to education and support for Science Days in both the United States and Brazil. Representatives from the Michaelis Foundation traveled to Vaya Space’s new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility to present the executive team with an award for their contributions in helping to inspire more than 67,000 students and educators worldwide.

The Michaelis Foundation is an advocacy and consulting group focused on improving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education programs. Through sponsorship of Science Days, a global science & space fair outreach event, the foundation partners with corporations and academia to inspire youth to pursue STEM education and career opportunities.

“Vaya Space was recognized for their outstanding corporate support of this year’s Science Days 2022, with volunteers in the United States and Brazil providing bilingual education enrichment; fostering an international partnership to promote and create greater access to STEM learning opportunities,” said Jefferson Michaelis, KSCIA Senior Advisor for STEM Global Outreach, at the Michaelis Foundation.

Not only is this company developing innovative and transformative green rocket technology, they continue to lead by example, providing a myriad of internship opportunities for students and young professionals, while working to change the way that rockets are designed, built, and launched to make a positive and direct impact on Planet Earth.

Vaya Space Chief Executive Officer, Brent David Willis commented, “Vaya Space is committed to making a difference for our world in everything we do, from taking recycled plastics off our planet to supporting the future of our world by facilitating the aspirations, opportunities and education of our youth. We are pleased to receive this recognition, and believe that getting students excited about STEM is crucial to developing the next generation of problem-solvers and leaders, who will confront current and future issues facing all humankind.”

About Vaya Space

Private hybrid rocket company based on the Space Coast of Florida with subsidiary operations in Brazil, Vaya Space has developed breakthrough and patented technologies that transform access to space. Vaya Space was selected as a Grow Florida top company to watch for growth and innovation in 2022. Following its successful launch and most recent patent awarded in early 2022, Vaya Space is positioned to lead the burgeoning small satellite launch market within the broader $385 billion-dollar space industry. Vaya is a sustainability focused and environmentally conscious enterprise that produces hybrid rocket engines using recycled plastics as fuel. Vaya Space’s unique STAR-3D™ printed engines generate >600 kN of thrust, capable of placing more than 1,000 kg of payload into low earth orbit. Vaya delivers safer launches at a greater than 25% lower cost, utilizing more than 2 million recycled plastic bottles per launch. The Company is currently taking orders for upcoming additional planned launches.


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