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Vaya Space Signs Another Major Satellite Launch Contract

Brazilian Alya Nanosatellites Selects Vaya Space for Orbital Placement of Constellation

PRESS RELEASE JUL 26, 2022 08:00 EDT

COCOA, Fla., July 26, 2022 ( - Alya Nanosatellites Constellation E.O., a pioneer company in the Brazilian space sector, and Vaya Space, Inc., the vortex-hybrid engine rocket launcher and emerging leader in sustainable space access, today jointly announced that they have signed a long-term launch services agreement for the placement of a nanosatellite constellation into orbit.

Both Vaya Space and Alya Nanosatellites have sustainability as core tenets of their respective missions and share the common goal of making a difference for the environment. Under the newly signed contract, Vaya Space has agreed to provide launch services to Alya Nanosatellites, whose constellation will generate hyperspectral images from sensors placed aboard nanosats.

Alya's core vision is to create a global network of shared space assets that improve quality of life everywhere, and this constellation is the first step on the road to that vision. The planned orbits will initially optimize coverage of Brazilian territory, allowing reliable monitoring of the atmospheric environment, agriculture, oil & gas exploration, and natural disasters like floods and fires.

Alya Nanosatellites is also known for the leadership of its CEO Aila Raquel, recognized for her influence within the commercial space sector and recently selected as one of the TOP 100 Women in Aerospace & Aviation for 2022. Aila is committed to empowering Brazil's economy, assisting in the development of commodity industries, and supporting environmental protection through improved resource management by providing access to space-based Earth observation analysis.

Vaya Space successfully completed its inaugural test launch earlier this year and has been rapidly expanding its operations since that time. Vaya also recently entered into a contract with NASA and signed an exclusive launch contract with Latin-American CubeSat developer and aggregator All2Space. Vaya's patented vortex-hybrid engine technology is expected to revolutionize the commercial space sector with improved safety, reliability, and substantially lower costs, and provides a greener alternative with no carbon soot emissions, unlike those of many rocket launch competitors.

"We love the mission and purpose of Alya Nanosatellites and share in Aila's vision to make a profound difference for the environment," said Brent Willis, Chief Executive Officer of Vaya Space. "Brazil is one of the most important and delicate ecospheres on the planet, and if we can do anything to help the country and the environment and industries there, we will. We are excited to work with Alya Nanosatellites and honored that they have chosen Vaya Space as their trusted launch provider for their constellation."

About Vaya Space, Inc. Vaya Space is a privately owned, vortex-hybrid rocket company based on the Space Coast of Florida, with subsidiary operations in Brazil. Vaya Space has developed breakthrough and patented technologies that transform access to space. Vaya was created in 2017 by Sid Gutierrez, former Space Shuttle Commander and NASA's first U.S.-born Hispanic astronaut. Launch Control's final words to Sid at liftoff were "Vaya con Dios" vs. its traditional "Godspeed," and following this inspiration, Vaya was born. Vaya is a purpose-driven, sustainability focused, and environmentally conscious enterprise dedicated to making a difference for humankind. Vaya Space competes in the estimated $1 trillion satellite launch sector. Vaya's unique vortex-hybrid rocket engines overcome the costs and other issues associated with traditional solid and liquid bi-propellant rockets to overcome the safety, reliability and affordability issues of the industry, and its engines utilize more than two million bottles' worth of recycled thermoplastics per launch.

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For investment inquiries, please contact: Vaya Space Investor Relations Kevin Lowdermilk +1 703 346-6826

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