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SafetyIQ and Vaya Space Announce Game-Changing Partnership to Elevate Space Safety Standards

SafetyIQ, the safety software company, announce ground-breaking long-term partnership with vortex-hybrid rocket engine company, Vaya Space.

COCOA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2023- SafetyIQ, the safety software company transforming workplace safety, has announced a ground-breaking long-term partnership with Vaya Space, the vortex-hybrid rocket engine company and emerging leader in sustainable space access. This partnership is set to usher in a new era of predictability in space safety, revolutionizing the industry's approach to safety management.

SafetyIQ will provide comprehensive safety software solutions to Vaya Space. The data-driven software will enable Vaya Space to transform latent safety data into actionable safety strategies, strengthening their safety protocols for their launch operations.

Scott Jackson, CEO of SafetyIQ, expresses his excitement about the partnership: "Our partnership with Vaya Space affirms SafetyIQ's commitment to safety innovation, and cements our authority in the industry. Leveraging our advanced predictive safety software, we aim to secure voyages to space and align with Vaya Space's environmentally-conscious ethos, and boldly advancing our mission towards safe and sustainable space travel."

"Safety, both on the ground and in flight, is absolutely critical in the space launch business. A focus on safety of our operations, our testing, and our engines, has been a key part of Vaya Space from its founding. We are excited to partner with SafetyIQ, a company that shares our commitment to safety and innovation. SafetyIQ will be a key part of getting our customers to orbit safe and sound," said Rob Fabian, COO of Vaya Space.

This partnership anticipates its first major milestone with Vaya Space's first launch, scheduled in 2025. As both companies look forward to this monumental event, they are poised to redefine space safety standards.

About SafetyIQ

SafetyIQ is a pioneering company transforming workplace safety across four core areas: Mobile Worker Safety, EHS, Fatigue Management, and Training. Using its unique software, SafetyIQ harnesses the power of predictive analytics, enabling businesses to transform latent safety data into actionable strategies, and ushering in a new era of predictability in workplace safety. SafetyIQ is not just responding to safety challenges — it's anticipating them.

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About Vaya Space

Vaya Space is a privately owned launch company based on the Space Coast and leveraging patented Vortex-Hybrid engine technology to cost-effectively place satellites into precision orbits. In addition to the space launch market, Vaya’s ability to start / stop and throttle it’s vortex-hybrid engines also opens the door to a very attractive Defense market.

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