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Vaya Space meets with Department of Aerospace Science & Technology Brazil

On May 16th, Vaya Space Vice President of Operations LATAM, Darcton Damião, met with the board of directors of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology – DCTA, in São José dos Campos - SP. On this occasion, the General Director, Lieutenant Brigadier Medeiros (4-star), the Deputy Director, Major Brigadier Belintani (3-star), and the Director of the Technical Subdepartment, Brigadier Luciano (2-star) were present in the meeting.

The main discussion revolved around a potential technological cooperation that would allow access to the Alcântara Launch Center by Vaya Space Brazil, and how it would benefit both institutions.

DCTA is the science and technology organization responsible for planning, managing, carrying out and controlling activities related to science, technology, and innovation, within the Brazilian Air Force. As a part of its duties is the operation of Alcântara Launch Center (CLA).

Vaya Space recognizes the importance of public actors and intends to cooperate with the Brazilian space sector. For this reason, the company is currently making a series of presentations about its services to the government, as it will start operating in Brazil soon.


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